Moving From One Apartment to The Next?

Turn To Us For Moving Service in Rochester, NY and surrounding areas

No matter how big or small your move will be, Joe's Moving Co. can help. Our team of expert apartment movers can help you move from place to place without breaking the bank. We know that moving from an apartment can already be stressful enough, so we have a low minimum fee for smaller moves.

Let us help you take the stress away. Call Joe's Moving Co. in Rochester, NY today to learn more about working with our apartment movers.

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Only moving some stuff?

We Can Handle Even Your Smallest Move

If you're looking for a moving company for small moves, you can count on Joe's Moving Co. We always use the best equipment and tools to ensure that your items are kept safe and secure. If you're not sure if you need a small moving service, here are moves that we consider small:

  • Moving seasonal items to and from storage
  • Moving bedroom furniture from one place to another
  • Moving a small 1- or 2-bedroom apartment

Count on us to be your trusted moving company in Rochester, NY. Call Joe's Moving Co. at 585-287-0855 now to book your next small or partial move.